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Goji Berry Scones

Goji Berry Sconesimage
image showing recipe preparationPreparation timeelementPreparation time10 min
image showing recipe preparationCooking timeelementCooking time20 min
image showing recipe preparationPortionselementPortions4
image showing recipe preparationFromelementFromEurope


  • 200 g flour
  • 40 g sugar
  • 50 g salted butter
  • 150 mL semi-skimmed milk
  • 1 tbsp baking powder
  • 30 g goji berries
  • 1 egg yolk for glazing



  • Preheat the oven to 200°C.
  • In a bowl, mix the flour, the baking powder, the sugar and the butter.
  • Mix together with the fingertips to obtain a smooth dough.
  • Pour in the milk and mix well. Add the goji berries.
  • Roll the dough on a floured work surface. Reduce the thickness by about 3 mm.
  • Cut circles out with a shape cutter.
  • Put the circles on baking paper. Glaze with the egg yolk.
  • Bake for 15 to 20 minutes (if possible without fan-assisted heat) until they are golden and puffy.


Energy Total carbs Sugar Total fat Saturated fat Omega 3 Fibers Sodium
373.5 Kcal 7.3 g 17.6 g 13.4 g 7.9 g 0.1 g 2.6 g 489.9 g


The nutritionist's advice:

Goji berries are considered to be superfoods. They provide Vitamin C which can help reduce fatigue.